Cone penetration testing



CPTu testing is second to none when it comes to estimating geotechnical parameters and providing detailed results for geotechnical design. It’s fast, powerful and extremely accurate.  

Our piezocone penetrometer (CPTu) measures tip resistance, pore pressure and sleeve friction continuously during penetration, resulting in a live and continuous profile of soil data. Our highly advanced rig also features a self-anchoring system (providing slope stability) and is equipped with a temperature cone to allow us to safely monitor soil temperature in potentially geothermal areas.

Our rig at a glance:

  • Tip resistance (qt)

  • Sleeve friction (fs)

  • Pore water pressure (u2)

  • Inclination

  • Temperature

  • 10cm2 cone

  • 15t push - 16t pullback

Our rig has the ability to conduct all tests without stopping to bring in new gear. So, no matter what obstacles we come up against, we can figure it out and keep going until the job is done - saving you time, money and hassle.